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Pious Workers of St. Joseph

The Congregation of the Sisters of 'PIUOS WORKERS OF ST. JOSEPH' was officially founded with the opening of the Novitiate June 29, 1927 in Castel del Rio (Bologna), by Mother MARY AGNES Tribbioli, born in Florence April 20, 1879 and died there on February 27, 1965, and in 1962 received the pontifical recognition. He followed in his path the founding bishop of Imola (BO), Msgr. PAULINE Tribbioli, a Franciscan Capuchin of Cortona, who had been a missionary for ten years in India.

The name 'PIUOS WORKERS OF ST. JOSEPH ", even before a title, it is a life program postulating the sanctification of work. In fact, the Founder, in his spiritual testament he writes "... your life to be like the house of Nazareth: WORK AND PRAYER ...".

The mother Tribbioli wanted her work was marked by the Franciscan spirit, therefore, called it 'PIUOS WORKERS OF ST. JOSEPH of the Third Order Regular of SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI, thus choosing St. Joseph and St. Francis as models of spirituality of the nascent religious family.
Be humble, humble, lowly, the building of the Institute must be based on humility, simplicity and fraternal charity ".

One can speak of a spirituality of work, as the latter, for you, must bravely to meet their own needs and to alleviate the misery of others.
In addition, the Pious Workers have chosen to work following the example of St. Joseph, the man struggling in silence and humility, and they do so for the benefit of others. The virtue of humility was so dear to the Founder who often in his conversations with the nuns repeated "......  dear children, have a great spirit of piety, be of profound interior life, considered the heart of the Chapel of the house. ... Be humble, humble, lowly, the building of the Institute must be based on humility, simplicity and fraternal charity ".

Mother Marie-Agnes Tribbioli followed the trail of Franciscan spirituality and not tired of repeating "...... we are all brothers and sisters, we all went out from the hands of God, we must love with a humble and concrete love, because only the humility real is able to recognize the greatness of God and bestow the power of the Spirit, which is manifested in the ability to enrich others with the gift of our lives .... ".

Therefore Charisma proper to the Congregation can be summarized in these cornerstones:

INTENSE LIFE OF PRAYER, as only through evangelization with the WORD OF CHRIST can understand the needs of the times, and simultaneously work for the good and for the benefit of others, in a spirit of humility particular, making it the most exquisite charity and the most joyful work because as the means necessary for our pastoral life;

SANCTIFICATION OF WORK because of the setting of the Christian life comes out above all our apostolic activity which is expressed in pastoral collaboration in parishes; He works for the human and Christian education in nursery and primary schools; educational assistance to children from poor families who are living difficult situations; in moral support to prisoners; in elderly care and acceptance in groups in houses of spirituality;

Missionary '"AD GENTES", as the completion of the consecration among the lower classes and the needy, for the benefit of those that the consumer society marginalizes, so that the total availability will become "a sign" for the people of our time, a sign that necessarily passes through the silent humility and intense industriousness.




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