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Casa Betania - Guesthouse in Florence

Betania House is a guest house located in the center of Florence, Oltrarno area, a few minutes from the Boboli Gardens in front of our entrance via Romana, Palazzo Pitti (750 m), Ponte Vecchio (1 Km), Piazza della Signoria ( 1.4 Km), Cathedral (1.5 km), Railway Station S. Maria Novella (1.6 Km), Leopolda Station (2 Km), Fortezza da Basso (2 Km). Open all year provides hospitality service to families, individuals and groups who want to visit Florence for short and weekly periods.

The hospitality is run by the Religious of Pious Workers St. Joseph. The property is owned by them bought in 1998, by another religious institute.

The House has 10 simple and spacious rooms (double / twin, triple and family rooms), some of which offer a magnificent view of the garden. All rooms are non-smoking and equipped with TV, private bathroom with shower or bath, towels and toiletries. Availability of rooms for disabled guests.

There is the possibility to take advantage of the garden area to do picnic on sunny days and the use of a conference room of 40 people capacity adjacent to the property.

The dell 'Oltrarno extends on the left bank of the River Arno. Melinda is the other Florence, one of the ancient crafts and traditions. The best way to explore this part of the city is undoubtedly follow it on foot and discover well as craft shops, street markets and trattorias but also the beauty of churches, squares, monuments and museums. When the Medici family in 1550 moved in Palazzo Pitti, the square in front of the palace, the nearby Via Maggio and other streets of Oltrarno assumed great importance, and there arose other families palaces of the Medici court: still walking along Via dei Serragli, Via Santo Spirito or Via San Niccolò you can find magnificent Renaissance palaces, little-known but no less beautiful than those located on the other bank of the Arno. Here in Oltrarno you can admire the Brancacci Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine with the frescoes by Masaccio, as well as the Church of San Frediano in Cestello, the Church of Santa Felicita, or the Holy Spirit.

Also present in the theater, library area, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, ATM and nearby cinema

The building dates back to 1850 and overlooks the Garden Annalena (Horti Annalenae) between Via dei Serragli and Porta Romana. Has a history tied to the presence of the first convents of St. Clare and St. Vincent d'Annalena and then to that of the Teatro Goldoni.

The convent of Santa Chiara was founded in 1452 by Marietta Albizi of a former monastery of the Augustinian Sisters, founded in 1202. The monastery of St. Vincent Annalena was established by Countess Anna Elena, daughter of Count Galeotto Malatesta who, widowed founded in Via Romana property of a monastery for widows and damsels. Between the two convents they were to create friendly relations, so that the relevant areas were never divided and where there were walls, were made of the communications ports. In the years 1544-45 during the war of Siena, Cosimo I had built within the other fortifications that cut the walls of convents properties: the interior it remained attached to the monasteries as a garden, while the exterior was used as a vegetable garden.

In 1571, following the conquest of Siena, the walls were demolished except the stretch relative to the garden of the convents; outdoor gardens were covered with earth and bricks. In 1808 both the convents were suppressed by the Napoleonic government and architectural complexes were partly demolished. The area outside the walls was purchased by the Marquis Tommaso Corsi Manetti who commissioned the architect to build an English garden called the Garden Annalena in memory of the previous belonging to the convents. The land inside the walls, the former garden of the convent, was purchased by entrepreneur and builder Luigi Gargani, who created in 1817 a theater for the court of Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister who lives in Palazzo Pitti, he wanted to Oltrarno a new city cultural and fashion center. In 1818 then he realized a center that drawing the attention of the people, overall, found your own location even the Academy of Ravvivati that used the garden and a part in the square for recreational purposes. The Arena of the Goldoni Theatre was designed in 1818 by Arch. Antonio Corazzi area previously occupied by the complex of St. Clare. In 1833 the family sold the Gargani garden Luigi Pigli-Figlinesi, who in 1839 sold it to Hugh Mac Donnell. The new owners began a series of splits such as to significantly alter the appearance of the garden.

In 1843 the garden was divided into three parts: the first is a band that runs along the walls of Cosimo de Medici, Via dei Serragli to Via Romana, the second is close to the Goldoni Theatre and the third became the courtyard of a building Via dei Serragli. The second band was sold to Abraham Modigliani and in 1850 returned of their Mac Donell. In 1867 they were also split the first and third band. From this time they lose track of the Mac Donell goods for land registration; however, in addition to some change of ownership the garden should not have undergone substantial changes. In the second half of 1900 the garden, under the ownership of Pelagallo brothers is completely abandoned. It is then made accessible again in during the seventies by brothers Fish, who started managing rental of a nursery which is partly covered by greenhouses. In 1983 the brothers bought the fish for entire garden. In 1994 the area was again divided into three parts: the side of Via Romana remained property Pisces, a portion was sold to The Monti to become courtyard of the adjacent building on Via Santa Maria and the last part was sold in 1998 the Congregation of the Sister Workers of St. Joseph to become the garden of the adjacent boarding with access via the menageries.




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